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Q: What is
A: is an Advertising Platform and a Business-building System created by a group of online entrepreneurs to help others - newcomers to the industry and veterans alike - leverage a few bitcoin and a few hours to get bitcoin for your worthwhile project
Q: Can I join BittyRain FREE now?
A: Yes, you can but to qualify to earn and accumulate commissions, you need to upgrade and become a fully qualified Affiliate/Advertiser by simply making a ONE TIME initial product
Q: What is the cost to upgrade and become a fully qualified Affiliate?
A: There is a ONE TIME out-of-pocket start up cost of only 0.003 btc for your initial product purchase. All other subsequent product purchases can be made from your profits - automatically.
Q: What product or service do I receive for my purchase?
A: You will receive Advertising Product Packages with advertising tax credits you can apply to your online advertising.
Finally, you also have an affiliate platform that earns you good basic commissions plus Referral Bonuses. You can use your commissions to activate your membership in all the income opportunities we add to our portfolio and also to advertise and promote your business more effectively.
Q: How and when are commissions paid?
A: Commissions are issued once you earn. All commissions will be paid into your bitcoin wallet.
Q: Am I required to refer others in order to earn commissions and bonuses?
A: ' Yes' and 'No'.
No, you are not required to refer anyone to earn commissions but Yes, to earn referral bonuses you must refer.
Please note the following:
We ask that YOU, as an entrepreneur, become pro-active in your quest for success. That means you commit to, and are willing to, put in work to add to your network Far too many affiliates join opportunities with unrealistic something-for-nothing expectations and most fail again and again. If you take this venture seriously…this venture will give you serious life-changing results! That's the bottom line.
Q: Does the System software have a 'follow your downline' feature"?
A: Yes, we have a 'follow your downline' feature that is designed leave no-one behind. We also have a re-entry feature that fills the next open spot in the 2x4 matrix from left to right helps to create sales volume and commissions.
Q:How will I afford to effectively promote
A: One of the main reasons we created is to enable you to afford effective 'paid advertising' as opposed to using ineffective 'free advertising'. It is important to us that you, as a member of our team, become a pro-active participant in your quest for success and that is what your participation in our plan will make you when you build the funds you need to go 'pro'!
Q: Can I participate in the BittyRain program if I live outside of the US?
A: Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, is a global platform and it is our goal to add only global opportunities that benefit all our members worldwide.
Q: Can I get a refund?
A: No. All sales are final. You are purchasing ad credits, which are issued at the time of purchase. We are not liable if you do not use your credits.